“Two years ago, I made the decision to take control of my mind, body, and spirit.  My professional life was in order, but in turn, my personal life had been neglected.  They say that people come in to your life at the right time for the right reason…. and that was deciding to hire a personal trainer- Andy Keller.  He can read a client so well, and in doing so, tailors his workouts to what level you are capable of acheiving- which typically is more than YOU believe that you can achieve- and he supports you the entire journey.  No judgements, no pressure…just encouragement.  Since that first day, when I buy jeans, I have gone from a size 32 to a size 27.  But more importantly, the best part of myself is back…how I feel about myself inside.”

– Traci Rhoads

“I have been working out with Andy over 4 years. He is dedicated, committed and focused on making you the best you can be. In addition, he checks in with you on your diet and assists in making changes to produce results. I had a few other trainers for about a year during this time, and no one is committed, dependable and accountable in Atlanta. He is always on time and committed to you. If you are looking for a personal trainer that knows fitness and you are ready to work, Keller is the one. I would highly recommend him over any other in Atlanta.”

– Dale Dockter