About Me

Andy Keller is a highly qualified personal trainer with over 6 years of experience helping others achieve their fitness needs whether it be in weight loss, muscle gain, toning, body sculpting, or anything in between.  He has a passion for fitness on any level, always pushing you to break through your limits and create new ones.  Andy has an eye for the little details and pays close attention so you don’t get hurt and so you perform the exercise the way it’s supposed to be done ensuring you achieve optimum results. People say that “practice makes perfect”, but Andy believes in taking it one step further and saying that “perfect practice makes perfect.”  You can do the same thing over and over again incorrectly and never grow, but doing it the right way over and over will!

Andy has obtained his personal training certification through one of the most highly accredited organizations in fitness industry with the National Association of Sport Medicine (NASM) and his CPR/AED certification through the American Red cross.  In addition to his personal training he holds a certification through NASM as a Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES).

Andy takes the knowledge he has gained being in the industry and the methods he himself uses and creates a personalized, progressive workout program that will get you the results you desire.  Striving for progression, not perfection, he’ll utilize his many different training techniques and protocols to make sure that each workout leaves you feeling accomplished.